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Onsite, Offshore & Nearshore Staffing for CPAs and Accountants


Onsite or Remote bookkeepers supporting you for recording and maintaining financial transactions for you and your clients. Get help with maintaining financial records and preparing financial reports

Accountants & CPAs

Dedicated professionals with strong foundation in accounting principles and practices. Hire experts with knowledge of local tax laws & regulations and adept at your accounting software and tools, to strengthen and grow your practice.

Tax Preparers

Get help with individual and businesses tax preparation and support while tax filing months.  Your offshore team helps collect and review financial records, such as income statements, expense reports, and receipts, to determine a client’s tax liability.

Audit Associates

Offshore Audit Associates typically help you with performing audits and supporting your client audits. Get help with audit planning, analyzing financial data, preparing audit reports and collaborating with audit teams.

AR/AP Executives

Let your automated processes or offshore teams handle AR/AP for you and your clients. They manage your accounts payables and receivables and ensure that invoices are processed accurately and payments are on time.

Data Entry

Your offshore data entry team manages all the mundane, low value work that your onsite team should not be handling. Data teams provide you extremely valuable back end support at a fraction of cost. Routine data entry can be automated as well.

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Offshore Staff

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We support SMBs in the US & Canada by recruiting the right onsite talent for them when they need to scale their teams. Our recruiters have expertise in onboarding hard to find full time and contract employees.

Offshore & Nearshore

We have years of experience in helping companies build their Offshore, and Nearshore teams. The nearshore & offshore teams work as an extension of your onsite team, we manage everything from recruitment, payrolls and local laws.