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Offshore Staffing Solutions

We understand the importance of having a highly-skilled and efficient workforce for the Small and Mid Size Businesses. That’s why we offer a wide range of offshore staffing solutions to help your business grow and succeed. Our team of experts helps our clients compete in a very dynamic global environment by offering them cost effective resourcing options.

Offshore staffing for small and mid size Financial Services Companies – Atika offers a business model that larger organizations have been using for decades. Larger companies have been investing heavily in setting up operations outside of their countries of inception to gain competitive advantage in terms of resources.

Small and medium size companies have started adopting the model with an even better approach. Offshore staffing offers a quick approach to setting up back office or hiring additional teams without investing in real estate or worrying about local incorporation & managing those operations.

Gain access to a Global Talent Pool

We give you access to a talented resource pool that has experience and skills to help you manage your business. When you consider hiring in India, you know that language is not going to be a challenge. After United States, India has the highest number of English speaking population.

Save up to 70% on resource cost

As a business, you know that every dollar saved is another dollar earned. Hiring offshore resources with us ensures that your onsite team is available to offer better services to your clients. We partner with you to reduce your costs and improve your bottom line.

Offshore Staffing is not Outsourcing

Unlike outsourcing where work is given out to another company to be delivered, here, you will be hiring your own team that works remotely from another location. The employees are 100% dedicated to your work. The best part is that we, as a partner, manage the groundwork for you.

Offshore Staffing is not Freelancing

Companies have tried using freelancers for managing parts of their work. However, there is no control or continuity. Besides, due to uncertainly of continuation, freelancers end up taking work from multiple clients at the same time.

It’s your own team

Our Offshore Staffing service helps you build your own team that works with your onsite team to produce results as a single unit. Having a larger team at a lower cost affords you better productivity, competitiveness and margins.

India as your offshore location

India has been a time tested partner for companies in North America and Europe. Offshore staffing is a mature model that employees understand and support their overseas employers. The strategic location offers time overlap so you can coordinate well with your team.

Atika as your offshore partner

We don’t consider ourselves as a vendor, we are your partners and our sole objective is your growth. We manage your recruitment and take care of everything that a local partner would. We ensure that staff is working in alignment with your business and clients’ requirements ensuring that we grow together.


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