Outsourced Tax Preparation Services


Managing Tax & Compliance work for CPAs & Accounting Firms

We do the Taxes, your Onsite team manages Clients

Every Tax Season brings long hours and stress for your team, we are there to support your in house team by enabling you to process volumes of tax preparations on time. Our experts have experience and expertise to prepare individual and business tax returns. We work closely with your team, as an extension of your in house CPAs and accountants and prepare the returns. If permitted by you, our team coordinates with the clients to collect all documents, enter all information and process the returns using your inhouse software.

Handle this Tax season like a champ!!

Tax Preparation Services

Choosing the Right Model

Tips and guidelines for selecting the best engagement model for your business needs:

When choosing an engagement model for your offshore staffing needs, it’s important to consider factors such as the scope and duration of the project, the skills and experience required, and the level of communication and collaboration needed. It’s also important to ensure that the model aligns with your company’s goals and budget.

Software Capability

We have the expertise to support all major Tax & Accounting Software